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Curry Goat; A Fulfilling Meal

What is Curry Goat?

Jamaican Curry Goat, one of the best dishes in Caribbean cuisine is incredibly delicious. Its iconic flavors and texture are mind-blowing. It is not only a traditional Caribbean dish but it is one of the oldest dishes as well. During religious and traditional occasions, Curry Goat is mandatory within Jamaicans. The dish is pricey since raising a goat is relatively harder and more expensive than other kinds of animals that provide meat to us. This is because goats are raised for the purposes of milk only. Thus this slightly more expensive meal is cherished at all times and appreciated.

The popularity of Curry Goat

If your goat meat is not tender enough, you did not cook it well. Thus, the taste of how well your Curry Goat is is measured by how tender it is. Curry Goat is slow-cooked and cooked in special Jamaican spices making it full of flavor and tender to the bone. Once it is ready, the meat is tender to its core and soft to the point that the meat can fall off the bone smoothly.

The special Jamaican spices are what give this dish a special aroma and an additional reason to love. This dish is easy to digest and thus, it is an all-time favorite of every generation and every age group. This is everyone’s first choice for a family gathering or traditional events.

Traditional value

Caribbean people respect and love their values and norms. They take them seriously and take great care of them. The Caribbean food came into place with great effort and indulgence from different values and cultures. This beautiful and tender dish is what is served at every event, to celebrate occasions and success. At every festival, Curry Goat is compulsory.

While visiting the Caribbeans, tourists love to try out traditionally made Curry Goat, a taste of Jamaica. The meat of matured goats is used because it is more pungent than others. According to a survey in 2013, 9.54 ℅ of goat meat is consumed by Caribbean people.

Wholesome meal

Curry Goat is not only delicious and yummy but also very healthy. It is an all-in-one dish. A complete meal and a heartwarming dish. When it is being cooked in the kitchen, its aroma fills up the whole house. It’ll keep you up all day and night. If you taste it for once, your taste buds will crave more. It is a full plate of nutrition to nourish the body.

Some special ingredients that make the Curry Goat more special are the common seasonings used in Jamaican food. These spices include the following; curry powder, salt, black pepper (freshly ground preferred), ground ginger, ground pimento (allspice), turmeric, scotch bonnet pepper (chili).

Some people also like to add coconut milk to enhance the flavor and consistency of the curry. Basal leaves can also be added. Some people also love to add boiled eggs on the top of the dish to enhance the curry's taste.

To make it a wholesome meal, you need to marinate the meat long enough. The marination process takes 7-8 hours to an entire night however, the marination process starts after 2 hours thus, you can marinate it for as long as 3-4 hours.

Nutritional value

Goat meat is abundant in nutrients i.e. potassium, carbohydrates, fibers, sugar, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, and sodium thus carrying many benefits along. That’s why out of all the meat, goat meat is preferred. It helps lower heart risks and various other kidney disorders. It helps in the formation of hemoglobin.

Goat meat is also full of b12, and omega3 hence lowering hypertension, anxiety, and depression. It is an important source of amino acids. It has fewer calories and cholesterol in comparison to other meats. One serving of cooked beef has 245 calories, while a serving of cooked goat meat has 122 calories thus making it a healthier option.


Goat meat is often accompanied by potatoes, as well as peas and beans. However, the best combination is considered to be potatoes.

Curry Goat is usually served with white rice as well. The common reason believed behind this is the fact that rice is a staple food of the Caribbeans.

Leg meat is prioritized in curry goats because it is thicker and tender. However, loin chop, ribs, and shoulder meat are also used. Bones are indispensable because bones bring out the most flavor to the curry.

Curry can be made both by boneless and on bone meat however, bone meat is preferred.


Goat meat, vegetable oil, onion, garlic, water, spring onions, thyme sprigs.

Curry goat is an excellent dish to try if you are trying this cuisine for the first time. So, do not waste time any further and place your order now at JusJerk!

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